Regenerative Community Action Network

Using mBZ tokens
for Sweat Equity
- Homes, Farms ...

The value of a mBZ token is time! Time for doing anything under the sun actually. 1 mBZ = 1 minute no matter what work a person does. Because donor funds back the issuance of mBZ tokens with ‘real’ money, ‘locked’ in a bank account, indigent persons accumulating mBZ tokens to someday build a new home, build a business or develop a small farm is a secure investment.

The mBZ Sweat Equity Residential Property Development Initiative is

Indigent persons can earn mBZ tokens by /// Because

RO*Food Certication

So why are consumers of certified RO*Food products willing to donate to this cause? Other than generosity, most bioregions need more certified RO*Food producers, and consumers recognise this. The RO*Food Market Garden Development Fund is a great way to significantly boost the number of suitably proficient RegenCAN MGS & certified RO*Food MGS growers.

The Certified RO*Food classifications are represented as follows:

Certified RO*Food Home Grown
Certified RO*Food MGS ­··­·∗·­·­·
Certified RO*Food MGS ­·­·­∗∗·­·
Certified RO*Food MGS ∗∗∗
Certified RO*Food Farm Grown
Certified RO*Food Eco Pastured