Regenerative Community Action Network

The Sweat Equity
Route to Increasing
Home Ownership

Sweat equity is a term used often when talking about the creation or building process. It’s about doing the work — the hard work — to bring an idea to life. That work becomes an investment in the project. It can be an investment as real as money or land.

The idea behind sweat equity, families working side by side with volunteers to build their homes, goes back to even before Habitat for Humanity was founded in 1976.

According to Investopedia, an online financial resource, sweat equity is the “contribution to a project or enterprise in the form of effort and toil. Sweat equity is the ownership interest, or increase in value, that is created as a direct result of hard work by the owner(s). It is the preferred mode of building equity for cash-strapped entrepreneurs in their start-up ventures, since they may be unable to contribute much financial capital to their enterprise.”


RO*Food Certication

So why are consumers of certified RO*Food products willing to donate to this cause? Other than generosity, most bioregions need more certified RO*Food producers, and consumers recognise this. The RO*Food Market Garden Development Fund is a great way to significantly boost the number of suitably proficient RegenCAN MGS & certified RO*Food MGS growers.

The Certified RO*Food classifications are represented as follows:

Certified RO*Food Home Grown
Certified RO*Food MGS ­··­·∗·­·­·
Certified RO*Food MGS ­·­·­∗∗·­·
Certified RO*Food MGS ∗∗∗
Certified RO*Food Farm Grown
Certified RO*Food Eco Pastured