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FD+ Markets

A RegenCAN FD+ Market is a flea-market with Independent FD+ Fundraisers as stallholders. All activities, food, goods and services are sold using the FD+ token. In other words, only indigent persons who have earned FD+ tokens can purchase anything at the RegenCAN FD+ Markets.

Importantly, at the RegenCAN FD+ Markets, Independent FD+ Fundraisers get to meet FD+ Compact workers face-to-face and vice versa. This is a great way to destigmatise poverty and to build a sense of unity at the same time. Significant co-branding opportunities exist for Independent FD+ Fundraisers.

Furthermore, the RegenCAN FD+ Markets are also a great way for FD+ Compact members to meet each other. Members meeting each other face-to-face and exchanging contact details is key to optimising the reach of the micro BLITZ Time Exchange.

The Start-up Phase -- Anomalies

During the start-up phase (until RegenCAN members reach 10,000), the Independent FD+ Fundraisers, the RegenCAN FD+ Markets, and the other NPO Charity Shops will be the only FD+ Compact outlets to be activated.

Community Food Gardens and RegenCAN Market Gardens will be activated when RO*FOOD Market Garden System (MGS) sponsors reach 200. RO*FOOD MGS sponsors pay R100 per month to the RO*FOOD Market Garden Development Fund.

The more formal fundraising activities of a RegenCAN Charity Shop, contact with corporate and international donors, etc. will only occur when RegenCAN is a registered NPO. The registration process will begin when RegenCAN members reach 10,000.