Regenerative Community Action Network

Sponsored Access
Learning Pathways

Local RegenCAN Chapters offer many sponsored practical and theoretical learning pathways. Although most courses only cost 1 FD+ (as proof of RegenCAN status), some may require a slightly higher fee.

The core RegenCAN learning platform is the Regenerative Systems Design Course  — RSD Course. Rescue Earth will be offering 10,000 free course memberships to qualifying RegenCAN members.

The RSD Course is a blend of online content that is provided by international experts — this being: course content, additional reading & videos, online tutoring — and in-person practicals where participants apply what they have learnt into a Rescue Earth volunteer project of their choice. The many modules can be studied as stand alone courses.

RSD Course Qualifications

There are 48 RSD Course Qualifications that qualify as (Basic, Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced, Specialist or Master) Holistic Design Certificates in:

  • Regenerative Food Production & Nature Conservation
  • Regenerative Hydrological & Infrastructure Systems
  • Developing Resilient Energy & EcoBuilding Systems
  • Regenerative Animal and Human Health & Nutrition
  • Regenerative Business Principles for Sustainable Resilience
  • Regenerative Strategies for Building Sustainable Economies
  • Integrated Strategic Resource Management & Placemaking
  • Leadership Development & Bioregional Community Resilience
RSD Qualifications | RO*Food MGS Grown

Minimum qualifications are the bare minimum. Certified RO*Food MGS Grown farmers are expected to become far more educated than the minimum qualifications. The Intermediate Holistic Design Certificate in Regenerative Food Production & Nature Conservation is the preferred level of qualification.

The following are the minimum qualifications for certification.

Certified RO*Food MGS Grown *

CT1L4 Regenerative Food Production & Processing

Certified RO*Food MGS Grown **

CT1L5 Regenerative Food Production & Processing

Certified RO*Food MGS Grown ***

CT1L6 Regenerative Food Production & Processing