Regenerative Community Action Network

Sponsored Access
Learning Pathways

Local RegenCAN Chapters offer many sponsored practical and theoretical learning pathways. Although most courses only cost 1 FD+ (as proof of RegenCAN status), some may require a slightly higher fee.

The core RegenCAN learning platform is the Regenerative Systems Design Course  — RSD Course.

The RSD Course is a blend of online content that is provided by international experts — this being: course content, additional reading & videos, online tutoring — and in-person practicals where participants apply what they have learnt into a Volunteer 4 SA project of their choice. The many modules can be studied as stand alone courses.

100% of all international RSD Course registration fee income is used to sponsor 3rd-party courses for student volunteers from less developed countries. This initiative gives them the opportunity and provides the means for them to study the prescribed and elective 3rd-party courses. This is achieved via the edu point system.

N.B. edu points can only be earned from volunteering. e.g. uMngeni #Volunteer4SA Chapter

RSD Course Qualifications

There are 48 RSD Course Qualifications that qualify as (Basic, Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced, Specialist or Master) Holistic Design Certificates in:

  • Regenerative Food Production & Nature Conservation
  • Regenerative Hydrological & Infrastructure Systems
  • Developing Resilient Energy & EcoBuilding Systems
  • Regenerative Animal and Human Health & Nutrition
  • Regenerative Business Principles for Sustainable Resilience
  • Regenerative Strategies for Building Sustainable Economies
  • Integrated Strategic Resource Management & Placemaking
  • Leadership Development & Bioregional Community Resilience
RSD Qualifications | RO*Food MGS Grown

Minimum qualifications are the bare minimum. Certified RO*Food MGS Grown farmers are expected to become far more educated than the minimum qualifications. The Intermediate Holistic Design Certificate in Regenerative Food Production & Nature Conservation is the preferred level of qualification.

The following are the minimum qualifications for certification.

Certified RO*Food MGS Grown *

CT1L4 Regenerative Food Production & Processing

Certified RO*Food MGS Grown **

CT1L5 Regenerative Food Production & Processing

Certified RO*Food MGS Grown ***

CT1L6 Regenerative Food Production & Processing