Regenerative Community Action Network

Market Gardens
& FD+ Compact

In the context of the RegenCAN Initiative, the RegenCAN Market Gardens sell produce directly to FD+ Compact members using FD+tokens for payment. RegenCAN Market Gardens then exchange the FD+ tokens for ZAR. And the cycle repeats itself over and over again!

Both the FD+ Compact worker and the RegenCAN Market Gardeners benefit from this arrangement. Workers are able to purchase fresh naturally grown vegetables directly from growers in their neighbourhood. Growers benefit because they have a substantial local market for their produce.

The primary goal of the Market Garden Development Initiative is to address both food security and job creation by initiating the establishment of a comprehensive ecosystem of sustainable small and micro scale farmers. The RO*Food Market Garden System (MGS) is the desired outcome.

Using the RO*Food MGS, a grower has an ability to profitably produce an abundance of high quality food on an area of less than 1 hectare. This is especially true when a market gardener is able to integrate their produce into a market platform, ensuring better margins and long-term profitability.

To speed up the development of the RO*Food MGS, only prospective RO*Food Market Gardeners that are transitioning to or aspiring to become RO*Food certified are able to sell produce in FD+ tokens. The maximum allowed transition period from RegenCAN Market Garden to RO*Food Market Garden is 3 years.

The RO*Food Market Garden System

The RO*Food Market Garden System (MGS) is based on the Intensive Rapid-Cycle (No-Dig) Method of growing vegetables using super plugs to speed up the cycling of crops in market gardens and small farms. Most successful market gardeners use no-dig (no-till) methods or they are transitioning to a no-dig (no-till) methods to grow their crops. 

Many Market Gardens using the RO*Food MGS start off by using the principles of French Intensive Gardening or the Minimum Dig Broadfork Method to till the soil. However, most growers transition to the No-Dig version of the Intensive Rapid-Cycle Method when their soil has enough organic matter & optimal soil life.

RegenCAN Market Gardens

The Start-up Phase -- Anomalies

During the start-up phase (until RegenCAN members reach 10,000), the Independent FD+ Fundraisers, the RegenCAN FD+ Markets, and the other NPO Charity Shops will be the only FD+ Compact outlets to be activated.

Community Food Gardens and RegenCAN Market Gardens will be activated when RO*FOOD Market Garden System (MGS) sponsors reach 200. RO*FOOD MGS sponsors pay R100 per month to the RO*FOOD Market Garden Development Fund.

The more formal fundraising activities of a RegenCAN Charity Shop, contact with corporate and international donors, etc. will only occur when RegenCAN is a registered NPO. The registration process will begin when RegenCAN members reach 10,000.