Regenerative Community Action Network

Membership Fees

collective responsibility

Joining Fees

The RegenCAN Joining Fee is 100 FD+ tokens once-off. The 100 FD+tokens are transferred from a member account at registration by admin which forces the account into a negative balance. Members will have to work off the negative 100 FD+ balance before being able to use any FD+ tokens for themselves.

Monthly Volunteer Hour 'FEE'

All RegenCAN members need to pay a monthly ‘fee’ of 1 AV. The 1 AV ‘fee’ is automatically charged to members accounts on the first day of each month. The monthly ‘fee’ is used to ensure that all members are active and that they volunteer an average of one hour per month for society!

The Altruistic Volunteerism Initiative — AV token

All RegenCAN members can earn 1 AV token per hour when they pick up litter etc. or do related admin tasks for an hour each month. We consider this one hour as a volunteer hour. Collective responsibility for our sins! The AV token has no monetary value and can not be transacted by members.

Termination of overdue accounts

If the monthly ‘fee’ (volunteer hours) is not paid for three consecutive months — a negative balance of -3 AV — then RegenCAN membership will be terminated.