Get involved and make a real difference

FD+ Fundraisers

Independent FD+ Fundraisers include private citizens and businesses. Although most Independent FD+ Fundraisers raise funds from their own premises or via online shopping systems, some raise funds at the RegenCAN FD+ Markets. N.B. All sales at a FD+ Market must be in FD+ tokens.

Independent FD+ Fundraisers sell all or some of their produce, goods or services using FD+ tokens. Independent FD+ Fundraisers range from kids and their families, pensioners, etc. to small businesses and corporates. Inevitability, the distributed nature of the RegenCAN FD+ Fundraising System will prevail.

For example: A 12 year old bakes cookies and sells them at a RegenCAN FD+ Market with her mother as her guardian. A corporate like MTN may decide to set up an airtime sponsorship using an online portal that uses FD+ tokens as payment. Two extremes with the same goal — for people and the planet!

Being an Independent FD+ Fundraiser is a great way for citizens and businesses to make a difference by contributing to the RegenCAN cause. Notably, the work done by RegenCAN projects is a visible display of our effectiveness and societies generosity. Both will increase over time.

The kudos from society for ‘being the change’ and the appreciation expressed by FD+ Compact members is a positive community building force. This is especially true when more affluent people and businesses get to meet FD+ Compact workers face-to-face and vice versa.

Corporate Social Investment (CSI)

Strategic giving initiatives benefit businesses and communities. CSI aims to improve the lives of disadvantaged people across multiple development sectors. It is external to the core function of a business, and is therefore not undertaken to pursue revenue, although there are other benefits to the business.

CSI is a legal requirement in South Africa, whereby companies set aside 1% of their profit after tax for CSI initiatives. CSI refers to company investment in social development, through the provision of cash, services, products, staff time and more. Corporates should thus become Independent FD+ Fundraisers!

For example: In 2020, MTN spent R168-million on CSI initiatives, reaching 23.8-million beneficiaries. MTN’s CSI program is a good example of how a corporate entity can leverage it’s CSI spend. Similarly, at a local level, small businesses that support the FD+ Compact can significantly boost their community ‘image’.

The Start-up Phase -- Anomalies

During the start-up phase (until a local RegenCAN Chapter’s members reach 100), the Independent FD+ Fundraisers, the RegenCAN FD+ Markets, and the NPO Charity Shops will be the only FD+ Compact outlets to be activated. Regenerative Systems will manage a local RegenCAN Chapter until it reaches 100 members.

A CBO will manage all of a local RegenCAN Chapter’s fundraising & finances, etc. from 100 to 1,000 threshold.

Community Food Gardens and RegenCAN Market Gardens will be activated when RO*FOOD Market Garden System (MGS) sponsors reach 200. RO*FOOD MGS sponsors pay R100 per month to the RO*FOOD Market Garden Development Fund.

The more formal fundraising activities of a local RegenCAN Chapter, for example contact with corporate and international donors, etc. will only occur when a local RegenCAN Chapter is a registered NPO. The registration process will begin when their members reach 1,000.