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We will make every Rand you give count and ensure that your support is reaching the right hands!

Monetary donations

An important component of our strategy.

We use monetary donations to pay Community Food Gardens, RO*Food Market Gardens and other NPO Charity Shops for FD+ tokens — and exchange of ZAR for FD+. The balance is used to purchase building materials which are sold to FD+ Compact members.

To find out more about donations please contact us

In-kind donations

The cornerstone of RegenCAN Charity Shops

In-kind donations are as important to us as monetary donations. RegenCAN Charity Shops depend upon a steady stream of donations in the form of food, goods and services. Please drop-off in-kind donations at your local RegenCAN Charity Shop.

To find out more about donations please contact us

How we help people & Communities

Below are some of the ways RegenCAN makes a difference.

Building Systems

Business Development

Food gardens

Composting Systems

Walking Paths

Recycling & reuse