Regenerative Community Action Network

Food Gardens
& FD+ Compact

We recognise that many Community Food Gardens already exist in South Africa. Although one of RegenCAN’s goals is to develop many more, we are happy to integrate existing Community Food Gardens into the RegenCAN FD+ Compact. This is a transparent mutually beneficial alliance.

We are working closely with some organisations that have many years of experience in establishing and maintaining Community Food Gardens. Their advice is invaluable and appreciated greatly!

More information coming soon!

The Start-up Phase -- Anomalies

During the start-up phase (until RegenCAN members reach 10,000), the Independent FD+ Fundraisers, the RegenCAN FD+ Markets, and the other NPO Charity Shops will be the only FD+ Compact outlets to be activated.

Community Food Gardens and RegenCAN Market Gardens will be activated when RO*Food Market Garden System (MGS) sponsors reach 200. RO*Food MGS sponsors pay R100 per month to the RO*Food Market Garden Development Fund.

The more formal fundraising activities of a RegenCAN Charity Shop, contact with corporate and international donors, etc. will only occur when RegenCAN is a registered NPO. The registration process will begin when RegenCAN members reach 10,000.