Regenerative Community Action Network

mBZ Sweat Equity
Residential Property
Development Initiative

The mBZ Sweat Equity Home Development Initiative is based on a concept that is currently used by developed and undeveloped countries throughout the world. Furthermore, using Sweat Equity to build houses is both an ancient practice and a growing modern trend that has a impeccable track record in producing positive outcomes. Barn raising is a similar concept.

We propose that a fully serviced 100 m2 stand is provided once-off at a highly discounted price to ALL indigent persons that do not own a home. The suggested purchase price (deposit) is 120,000 mBZ = 2,000 hours = R50,000. This is after a government subsidy of R50,000. This proposed offer would only be available at new housing development projects.

The project management staff of the housing development projects are all volunteers.

FD+ or mBZ tokens are used by the housing development projects to pay the  indigent persons that are working on developing the serviced stands. In this way they earn FD+ tokens

FD+ tokens are accepted as payment for a limited range of building materials at FD+ Charity Shops. FD+ tokens are also accepted by participating commercial brick yards. Although the online FD+ Compact Building Store will only be available in metropolitan areas, it will serve half of South Africa’s population.

Hardware stores that have partnered with RegenCAN offer substantial discounts when FD+ tokens are used for payment.

RO*Food Certication

So why are consumers of certified RO*Food products willing to donate to this cause? Other than generosity, most bioregions need more certified RO*Food producers, and consumers recognise this. The RO*Food Market Garden Development Fund is a great way to significantly boost the number of suitably proficient RegenCAN MGS & certified RO*Food MGS growers.

The Certified RO*Food classifications are represented as follows:

Certified RO*Food Home Grown
Certified RO*Food MGS ­··­·∗·­·­·
Certified RO*Food MGS ­·­·­∗∗·­·
Certified RO*Food MGS ∗∗∗
Certified RO*Food Farm Grown
Certified RO*Food Eco Pastured